Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tired. I spent the night in an occultly friend's bedroom, and as a matter of course she had Magickal Seals on it. In my case, they took the form of the Pointer Sisters' two smash-hits "Fire" and "He's So Shy". I couldn't just hear the songs - I could see the dark shapes of them (glo-mesh and sequins, but still dark) chasing each other up walls and round and round in circles on the ceiling. On the floor, they bounced from piece to piece of furniture - they never touched the floor, which was tiled in something like white marble. Now I know what material to built my entire house out of, if I want it to be Pointer-Sisters-proof.

Six hours of it. Not just being forced to listen to the songs, but to see them - the songs themselves, not the band - scampering about. I next meet the girl tomorrow, in all likelihood. I'll be bringing weapons - I have revenge to wreak.

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