Friday, August 5, 2011

Recipe: Dragon Pie


- Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil (with additional grated extra virgins on the side)
- Dragons, preferably wild or at least free-range (the domestically raised, accountant-fed ones lack the same flavour)
- Onions, roughly chopped
- Garlic, at least a handful of cloves for each serving
- Birds' Eye chillis, at least one per serving, chopped but with seeds included
- your choice of either:
1) cumin, coriander seed, turmeric and, fenugreek, or
2) smoked dried paprika, nutmeg, cracked black pepper, saltbush leaf, wattleseed
- Coconut cream or tomato paste, depending on spice combination chosen


Firstly, select and kill your dragon.

Heat olive oil in pan, and sautee chopped onions until transparent, then add coarsely chopped garlic, chillis and other fragrant spices of your choice. Dice very fresh dragon fillets into bite-sized pieces, cutting against the grain to prevent toughening, then when the spices have released their fragrances, add to pan and brown over high heat, stirring continuously, to seal the meat. Then add, if you have selected Spice Combination 1, coconut cream, and for Spice Combination 2, tinned or preserved tomatoes. Simmer to reduce liquids, or thicken with a little agar-agar. You can make your own pastry if you choose, or use pre-prepared frozen pastry for convenience: savoury shortbread for the base, filo for the cap. Line pie-tins, and layer in the bases. Spoon in cooled cooked dragon-mix, allowing a little room for expansion in the baking. Cap with filo pastry, prick with fork to allow steam to escape, pinch closed around the edges to create a seal. Bake in moderate oven for forty-five minutes.

I have never tasted a Dragon Pie as delicious, fragrant and tender as the ones I make, using this recipe.


  1. I can't find any virgins! Can you ship me some?

  2. Arwen, if you can't find virgins, you're looking in the wrong places!