Monday, January 10, 2011

Acupressure and Magnetic Therapy Ear Studs

Just a refresher from the previous blog, that I can still supply magnetic ear studs suitable for magnetic therapy, acupressure therapy or just plain pierced-look jewellery for people who don't really want to commit to another piercing or want to be able to move the studs around themselves. The magnets are strong enough to grasp any part of the ear, plus the lip-area, although not strong enough to grasp the cheek-area. That is fair: if they were that strong and you used them on the ears, they would pinch so hard that they would be downright painful.

Acupressure works on the same theory as acupuncture: that there are energy-lines or nadis through the body connecting different organs and energy-structures, and that dis-ease is often a function of blocked energy-flow as much as it might be of infection or nutritional imbalance. Along those energy-lines are a sequence of points, and blockages can be cleared, symptoms can be reduced or removed, and even anaesthesia can be induced by giving a sharp stimulus to the appropriate acupuncture points, either in the traditional way by the insertion of a very fine needle, or in the form of acupressure, where a fingertip or a magnetic stud is used on the point to create a very firm, steady pressure.

That it works, I know for sure. When I lived in a large capital city I had had permanently blocked sinuses for my entire life, progressing from over-the-counter inhalers to prescription medications to ever-increasing dosages, and I still consumed two large boxes of tissues a week with the constant dripping. Somewhere in my middle twenties, I started seeing a Sri Lanka-trained acupuncturist and received twice-weekly treatments in my lunch break - he was close to my work at the time - with astounding success. Firstly I cut down, then stopped my excessive use of tissues, then I weaned myself off all sinus medications. And my nose was almost clear, despite the fact that I was still living and working in the same clouds of pollution that had induced the problem in the first place! I was delighted.

That it has anaesthetic properties I can also attest: one day, without telling me his reasoning, he chose to stimulate two extra points (he later said that people need a change from time to time), and my entire upper jaw went numb, just as if a dentist had injected both sides with novocaine. Well, it just so happens that I'm not too keen on either undue medications or physical pain, so I rang around dentists frantically, to find one who would be prepared to do the dental archaeology I happened to need before the effect wore off. And yes, I managed to get an appointment on the second or third call, and yes, the brand-new filling was in place and the dentist paid before feeling started creeping back into my upper jaw.

Not only had the acupuncture done its intended job, but it gave me a great deal of jaw-numbing analgesia that enabled me to have serious work done as pain-free as if I'd been injected, without the influx of chemicals into the system. That's a win-win, as far as I'm concerned. Before then I liked acupuncture: after that, I was an enthusiast, and handed out that practitioner's business card to everyone.

Today, every time I select one of my gorgeous pairs of magnetic studs to wear for the day, I hark back to that moment when I finally realised how powerful acupuncture and acupressure were - no mere placebo was ever going to cancel out the agony of a drill-tip going into a live nerve! Something real must be happening.

When I have sold or given away the studs, I haven't tended to supply maps of the acupuncture points in the ears or face with the studs. Something else that acupuncturist - who was a very wise man - told me was this: you can spend decades memorising where the points are, or you can apply firm pressure to a lot of different sites in the ear, and one or more of them will have a stronger sensation to the pressure than the others. When you feel that tenderness (or sting or tickle, depending on the individual), that is the point that needs stimulation. Some of them may relate to sinuses, some to kidneys or sciatica or high blood pressure, but the layman doesn't really need to know. The points that you need to treat at the time will be the ones that give you the extra sensation on being squeezed or pressed firmly. Another day, you may need to treat another point.

These studs are routinely sold in pharmacies for self-treatment of nicotine addiction and anxiety, with ear-maps. You are much better off finding out by using pressure and feeling the difference in sensation, than by following a printed map: all ears are slightly different shapes for a start, and you may need one set of points treated one day, a different set the next. So, take control of your own health, be pro-active, and make your own health decisions for your own health circumstances!

The studs I supply are hypo-allergenic and tipped with tiny but exquisite Swarovski crystals. I have seen the identical studs that I supply in a local pharmacy for $85 Australian, and I am pretty sure they buy them from the same manufacturer I do: I can supply them for $40 and make an ethical profit on that, throwing in mailing costs within Australia for free. The colours I have on hand and can supply immediately, are ruby-pink, pearl-clear, scarlet, amethyst and pure pink. I can post these within one working day of receiving your order. Other colours will have a fortnight extra lead-in time, as I  need to restock, and include: sky blue, sapphire, black and peridot-green.

Why not do something really nice for yourself today? Just be sure to send an email to me at to let me know your full name and postal address, so that your order can be processed. If you like these studs half as much as I like mine, you'll be delighted with them.

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