Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collectors Program - ABC1

On Friday the 6th May at 8.00pm. ABC1's Collectors programme will be featuring me and my Tarot collection, a good ten months after filming! The crew ended up with over four hours of good, useable footage which will have to be cut back greatly to fit the segment, so it will be interesting to see what made the cut - even I'm not allowed to see the spisode until it airs.

Next Monday I will also be interviewed by the local newspaper, as an editorial to be run locally before the episode airs. That will be exciting, too!

The paper in question runs an internet version - I'll post the URL for the interview here, when I know what it is.


  1. How exciting! Wish I could see it, but at least I can read the editorial - congratulations nisaba, and bright blessings :)

  2. Thank you! I believe that the programme, on, has some page or somewhere, where they put up podcasts of each segment. At the relevant time, I'll hunt down the URL for it.

    Nice to see you posting again, You Fool, there's been a Köy Deli-shaped hole in the internet lately.