Sunday, July 3, 2011

He was right, the times they are a-changin'.

I'm an Earth sign. In fact, a double-earth: Sun and Moon. I like stability. In fact, it's not going to far to say I love stability. Routine is important, habit is important, predictability is important. And here I go, inviting change into my life.

Since I last spent any real time and effort on this blog, my own personal times have been a-changin', also. Some months ago my home became a teenager-free zone, and I slowly spent time starting to set up the extra bedroom as a Tarot room cum office cum library. I hadn't got very far, but I had completely removed all traces of teenagerhood from it and was starting to impress my own presence on the space.

More recently I allowed someone I know to move in despite my horror of sharing space with other people, and rather to my surprise that has been going well. We don't spend a lot of time together with both of us going out a lot at different times, and as we both like our privacy we tend to be considerate of each other's privacy, so we sort-of fit around each other politely.

More recently, I have started reading Tarot out of a local venue, one well within walking-distance, the Bookworm Kafe at The Entrance. I'm there every Friday between 11.00am and 3.00pm - why not drop by if you can, and have a reading, or at least say hello?

I like the Bookworm Kafe: it's cosy, appealing and stocked with interesting things that come and go, and I'm very happy to be reading there once a week.

Other things have happened. Old furniture has gone, and new furniture has come, making the place slightly less scruffy. And my friend Avril finally finished painting me this picture:-

I'm very pleased with it. Entitled "Temperance", it's modelled on "The Star" from Lori Walls' Erotica Deck with a number of departures from the card that inspired it, and as it's not for profit I don't believe there are any issues around it. Last night we hung it across from the front door of my house, and I'm finding that I'm popping in and out more often than usual just to watch it reveal itself as I open the door! It's a lovely thing and I'm grateful.

So yes, there have been changes, and normally I struggle with change and feel insecure, but at the moment it's all been very positive, and I feel uplifted and as if a candle has been lit in my heart. Tonight for the other blog I pulled a random card, and it turned out to be this one:

And that says it all, really. Everything's coming up roses. I may not be a billionaire, I may not be the Prime Minster, but I am happy with my life and how I live it. Who can ask for more?


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  2. just read your post about the Granny Jones 10 of Cups at Aeclectic and came over here to say how beautiful a post it is. I had a 10 of Cups afternoon and am about to settle in to a quiet evening.

    I am the former Moongold at Aeclectic who asked Nina* to contact you about the Australian Dreamtime Tarot. It was packed away and I should get it in the next week and be able to send it on to you. I am divesting myself of goods and the knowledge that this deck will go to a good home is deeply satisfying. I obtained it direct from the artist and it is in pristine condition, signed.

    Nina* said that she gave you my email address. Do you think you could send me your wishlist so that I can see what else you might like (that I have). Maybe even some books you'd like as well ..... list then too.

    I don't have your email address, hence my contacting you in this rather public way. It doesn't matter. I think my Tarot goods, such as they are, will be going to a good home.

    I will retain some of course; am simply de-cluttering. I'm sure Granny Jones would approve. :)

  3. I deleted the first comment because of a grammatical error!

  4. Um ... another ATer presented me with that Australian Contemporary Dreamtime deck, which I do enjoy very much. My wish-list can be found here, fairly low down on the page. I'm sure there are plenty of other decks which would delight me, also. I'm not greedy, but if you really wish to pass that one on, I'm sure I can be trusted to pass it onto someone who will love it - I'm thinking of a particular individual as we speak.

  5. Perhaps you could contact me by PM on AT? At the moment I seem to be having technical difficulties with private mail here.

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  7. I'm not an AT member and cannot access your wish list or send you PM's. From time to time I've seen your comments at ATF about being available for Tarot 'inheritances' and you seemed a logical and relatively local person to pass things on to. Although Nina passed on your address it was a while ago I seem to have deleted the email.

    Sorry about the very public communication. I'll quietly withdraw now :).

  8. ~smile~ Well, there's a net-based email I use, - perhaps we could have a more full conversation over there? I'll look forward to it.