Friday, July 15, 2011

I Am She

(slightly damp, 14th/15th July, 2011)

I am She who is the ground beneath your feet. I am She who is the Moon above your head. I am the heaviest stone, and the whitest light.

Upon my flesh do you walk; upon your shivering skin do I look.

It is Me who is the weight of your body; it is Me who is the most fleeting of dreams.

Every particle of you, every particle of your body, every particle of your world and even every single hydrogen atom lost alone between the galaxies is the stuff of My body, because I am She who is All. Look well to treat your body and your world gently - never forget Whose body it truly is.

And on this darkest night, with My waters suspended in the Air as clouds, and My silver wheel behind and between them, I look down upon you, tiniest of creatures, on the flesh of the Earth. It is I who see you when you sleep, and when you wake. It is I who know your fears, dreams and comforts. It is I who bathe you in my love and my indifference.

It is I who flood your sunless world with light so that you can most truly see your own Shadow, and I who take My light away and plunge you in darkness so you can most truly reflect on what you have seen and on your own darkness. It is I who bring you the hardest, most painful lessons.

Embrace these! Your own turmoil is your only chance to expand into your own divinity; your own turmoil is your only way to access your own dignity, poise and inner power.

Reflect well on the twenty-nine and a half days of the Turn of the Moon: as My light waxes and wanes, as I become the thinnest cradle and the most gibbous swelling, so your life, your allotted time, your mind and your body wax and wane also. There is Growth, and there is Death. There is the Light, and there is the Darkness.

And tread you the earth beneath your feet gently. For remember, it is Mine, and in fact it is Me in my fullest self. My body is all things solid everywhere, My mind is all things intangible everywhere. Treat both with the greatest respect. Compost you everything, meat, bone, paper; and feed this to the Earth Myself as a daily offering. Feed all silent Green Things, uproot none without giving their death back unto the Earth.

Tread lightly upon My flesh: never forget I am here, I see and feel everything. Eat no plants that you would refuse to grow; eat no animals that you would refuse to kill. And as you kill, and cultivate, and eat, be always mindful of your food, and how I and My Little Ones are harmed to give you succour.

And with all that you eat, your fuels, your shelters, your clothing, be mindful of where it came from before it came to you, because it came through that source and from Me. And be mindful of where it shall go after you, because no matter how harmless or toxic you render it, it ultimately returns to Me.

I feel all. I know all. I watch all.

And in my inscrutable silence, I remember.

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